Sunday, September 09, 2007

Bromley Bridleways Access Group Ride

BBAG ride 9th September 2007 ....

This was to prove a busy weekend, having taken Tony and Sophie to a show on the Saturday and what with thinking about packing for a holiday the following week, we also decided we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go on the BBAG ride that was put on locally.

The ride was similar to the Pearl Anniversary Ride that we did last year, in the same area but with slight changes to the ride and with the whole thing being ridden backwards to the route we took last year.

Herbs and Coy are pretty chilled out now when we go to new places as we’ve given them quite a lot of experience recently but this was the first time that Coy loaded first time without halting at the bottom of the ramp - go boy go! What a good lad, he didn’t even blink, just wandered straight up.

The journey was easy, just 20 minutes away and the ride was lovely. The ground was quite hard but there were opportunities in places that we took full advantage of.

I remember doing this ride last year and standing at the start of the ride with Herbs trembling like scaredy custard but not this year, he was as cool as a cucumber and we had a great time.

Rosette and Bucks Fizz later I remember saying to Sharon that this was the first sponsored ride type of event that I have really relaxed on and felt totally in control and at one with the boy.

It can only get better from here.....