Friday, October 12, 2007

Speedgate Sponsored Ride

Speedgate Sponsored Ride 16th October 2007 .......

We booked this ride before the holiday and its 5am finish so by the night before I wasn’t sure I could handle more driving and lorry loading but by the time the morning came I didn’t want to miss out so we set off again.

This ride was organised in July this year too but the take up was so overwhelming they had to turn away over 100 riders so I really wanted to check it out this time.

Apart from probably wondering whether their lives would now be a constant round of loading and unloading after the events of the last week the boys loading beautifully (Coy first time again!) and we arrived after a 45 minute journey.

At the beginning of the ride there were loads of jumps all looking rather scary and I would have had to be a lot braver than I am to attempt them, especially after no warm up. The rest of the ride before returning to the woods and jumps again was all off road around the edges of huge big inviting fields and I think was one of the best rides I’ve ever done, largely because Herbs was so chilled out and I felt so much more confident.

For almost 2 hours we walked, trotted and cantered according to the ground and I’m pleased to say there were loads of canter opportunities, I even managed a jump at the end of the ride and arrived back at the box with a very happy, sweaty horse.

I’m so glad I made the decision to do the ride because it was wicked, and I won’t hesitate to do it all again.

HE IS SUCH A GOOD BOY!!! ~very proud mum~