Monday, May 19, 2008

Your Tribute Drink

On the day I lost you, I told Chris and Sharon that I would like them to ride to the Fox and I would meet them there and we would all have a drink to remember you.

I then saw some other friends on Thursday and they said they would like to come. By Friday quite a few people were mentioning it so I put a note on the board telling everyone they were welcome as I didn't want people to feel I was excluding them if I hadn't mentioned it to them, I just didn't expect so many people to express a wish to come.

During Friday I decided I wanted the ponies to wear a button hole in their bridles so the florist made me five, one each for Spirit, Coy and Ludo, and one each for your stable door and your casket.

I headed to the stables first to see the girls off and pick up Alice who was going to look after me for the day and we then collected the button holes and went up to the pub. We arrived as the horses did so that was good timing; they had a wonderful ride and thought of you as they had a lovely canter up the long straight bit on the common.

We got the Stella's in and had a toast to you, then more people started arriving. I was overwhelmed and I know you were too, that so many people wanted to come along and pay their respects. The people that came were:

Sharon & Mr Coy
Chris & Spirit
Linda & Ludo
Emily and

Tim was there, and very upset the hear the news, he promptly headed over to the shop to buy carrots for the horses. David and Louis were there too and very sad. Tim asked me if he could try to press one of the button holes for me, which I said I would be delighted with - people are so thoughtful.

We all talked and talked about you, about the accident, about your life, about our relationship and about the truly amazing reaction at the stables. Your stable looks even more amazing now, as there are so so many cards, and flowers for you there. I will put some pictures on here soon.

After drinks at the Fox, went back to the yard with Megan and waiting and generally got in the way as the horses were brought in and tucked into bed.

Then a few lovely lovely friends agreed to come home and see you, so Gina, Holly, Tony, Megan, Linda, Briony and me all sat around talking about you munching on pizza and drinking wine and then putting together the classes for a show I am going to hold later in June in your honour.

The day after was really flat, nothing to focus on and no real energy but I have tidied the Herbie room and you now have pride of place in there. Its nice that I can sit here writing this with you next to me, and I've printed another lovely lovely picture of you too.

Kate phoned today, she is a real brick because I work with her and she knows how it feels to lose a horse as she lost Fafa last year. I'm going to go into work for a couple of hours tomorrow, mostly because I have to go back some time and I would rather go back when Kate is in the office.

Write more soon my lovely boy. I dreamt that there was another horse in your stable in amongst all your flowers last night so I'm going to the yard again today and I will make sure Michael knows that I am keeping your stable for some time.

You are so beautiful.