Saturday, March 31, 2007

Bridleways should have traffic lights...........

"I'm slowing down for the old woman's a*se!"

"Ok, thought you might"

[back to trot for a bit, then pick up canter again once past old woman's a*se]

"Oh ****"

other rider "are you ok"


"if you are anything like me you've had lots of practice"

[Coy laughing] [Herbs wondering what I'm doing on the deck in front of him]

Yep, you got it, another off.

But.... if only bridleways had traffic lights then you could have a lovely canter (would still have to slow down if old woman's a*se in the way) but you WOULD NOT MEET ANOTHER RIDER ON THE SAME PATH FOR YOUR HORSE TO SPOOK AT WHICH CONSEQUENTLY ENDS UP WITH YOU ON THE DECK!

There we were, two lovely canters behind us and enjoying the third when I spotted a woman leaning into her car (a*rse sticking out) as we rounded the bend. Sensibly, I slowed Herbs down and trotted just in case she suddenly decided to jump up (old but could be spritely) and spook him. Succeeded in zero spook, picked up the canter again and within a few strides the chap caught sight of another rider kind of through the bushes and did silly things.

I don't actually know what the silly things were but they were enough for me to experience that "it's ok I'm staying on" moment, very quickly followed by "ah, feck I'm not", in between looking at the ground and seeing a nicely positioned tree stump and very quickly working out where I didn't want to fall.

The only place left (apart from risking impalement - ok it wasn't sharp but it wouldn't have been pleasant) was the path right in front of Herbs. Fortunately he doesn't tend to move a step when I fall off and he just stood still looking at me with a bored expression on his face.

The other rider who didn't use the traffic light system kindly waited until I was on board before moving off, lest Herbs decide to follow and trample me, and we went on our way.

Only one thing left to do - the pub was lovely and local...... :-)

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sun, rain, wind....... pub!

Me and the little grey man have been out and about this weekend.

Saturday has been glorious so a trip to the pub was in order - no, we don't take EVERY opportunity, just most :-0

My friend Chris has started to share a horse at my yard (it's so great she is back in the saddle again) so four of us - Sharon and Coy, Chris and Edward, Ruth and Ruby and of course me and the chap ventured off to the local common for a few wet and soggy canters with the sun shining beautifully.

We had a great ride, although Edward was a little naughty, and it was lovely to turn the horses out in the afternoon for a few hours of munch time with the sun shining on their backs.

By the time they came in Herbs was practically asleep on his feet from having such a full tum and there is nothing nicer than a happy horse at the end of a sunny day.

Sunday, Sharon and I rode out with Jo and Kiko. Kiko is a newcomer to the yard and just a baby rising 5. We took our usual route and nothing, but nothing fazed him. He is such a star! There were the 8 and 9 year old Herbs and Coy saying "ooo what's that scary thing" occasionally and Kiko just wondered what all the fuss was about!

We met lots of traffic as we took in a bridlepath around the local ponds but they all behaved like superstars. It was, however, rotten weather. We arrived back at the yard absolutely drenched and had to give the ponies time to dry off before turning them out in their lovely warm rugs to get wet again!

During preparation for bed, and cosy in his jim jams I took a few pics, and there are also some from a few days ago taken in the field and stable yard.

Herbs is so photogenic - lol. Spot the odd one out!