Sunday, June 10, 2007

Another Off

Another off……… 10th June 2007

Popped over the tree root, jumped the nice log on the floor, then prepared to slow down for the end of the bridlepath when..... WALLOP.... straight over his head and hit the deck. Goodness knows what he saw and spooked at but it did happen mid canter this time and I saw his hooves heading my way. Fortunately horses are very clever at avoiding you when you’re on the floor so he stopped short and by the time I had got up he was happily munching on the ferns. My brain rattled in my head a bit and I had slightly dodgy vision for a couple of minutes but I didn’t hit any trees so this “off” scored 10 in the unplanned dismounts ratings.

Bloody sore the following couple of days and with some lovely scratches but otherwise, just another to add to the growing collection…………